January 2013 Workshops

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MIT hosted workshops on technology-enhanced and open education from January 16–19, 2013 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

This is the second of a 5-year series of workshops whose main goal is to implement and evaluate faculty- and curriculum-development activities based on Kreyòl-based Open Education Resources for science and math courses in Haitian schools and universities. How can these resources be most constructively used to improve science and math courses in Haiti? How can similar resources be designed in situ by educators in Haiti and become fully functional and sustainable?

These workshops are based on specific samples of courses and resources from MIT. This time around, the sample will consist of workshops in math (differential equations), physics (electro-magnetism, electric circuits and Newtonian mechanics) and biology (biochemistry and genetics). To help achieve full mastery of the materials, we will organize hands-on exercises based on them. We will also use this opportunity to develop a long-term evaluation plan in collaboration with our colleagues in Haiti.

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