Carl Darbouze

Carlo Darbouze Carl Darbouze holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Columbia, and a Master of

Michèle Pierre-Louis

“How are we going to restore education? Is it time to rethink the educational system in Haiti?”

Hérissé Guirand

Hérissé Guirand Hérissé Guirand graduated with a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the State University of Haiti in 1981. He earned a Master's

Jacky Lumarque

Jacky Lumarque Jacky LUMARQUE graduated in Mathematics (Université Toulouse III, France).  He also holds  an MBA (Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France) and a Bachelor

Kurt Jean-Charles

Kurt Jean-Charles is an Haitian entrepreneur passionate about his country and committed to explore, promote and design innovative systems aiming objective results and positive

Jocelyne Trouillot

Jocelyne Trouillot was born and raised in Haiti. After graduating from Ecole Normale Superieure in her country, she went to France to further her

Janin Jadotte

Janin Jadotte studied mathematics at the University of Montreal and at Concordia University (Montreal).  He taught matrix calculus and numerical analysis as a lecturer

Raymond Noël

Raymond Noël graduated in 1980 as a civil engineer from the School of Sciences of the State University of Haiti (UEH). In 1983,

Thierry Chérizard

Thierry Chérizard was born in Cap-Haitian, Northern Haiti, on October 26th, 1975. He grew up in this city where he went to primary

Pierre-André Pierre

Pierre-André PIERRE was born in 1952 Arcahaie, Haiti, the oldest of a family of seven children. He first studied in Haiti under “Les Frères