Here you will find a suite of dynamic Javascript “Mathlets” in Kreyòl, for use in learning about differential equations and other mathematical subjects, along with examples of how to use them in homework, group work, or lecture demonstration, and some of the underlying theory. There are also voice-over animated demos.

You may play each Mathlet independently on this website, or download all Mathlets in Kreyòl

Find English Mathlets at:

Amòtisman Vibrasyon

Damped Vibrations

Anplitid al Faz: Dezyèm Òd I

Amplitude and Phase Second Order I

Anplitid al Faz: Dezyèm Òd II

Amplitude and Phase Second Order II

Anplitid avèk Faz : Premye degre

Amplitude and Phase First Order

Apwoksimasyon Sekant

Secant Approximation

Aritmetik Konplèks

Complex Arithmetic



Chan Vektoryèl

Vector Fields

Distribisyon Bèta

Beta Distributions

Distribisyon Pwobabilite

Probability Distribution

Distribisyon T

T Distributions

Esponansyèl Konplèks

Complex Exponential



Karakteristik Graf yo

Graph Features

Konpayèl Anvan Kwazman

Conjugate Priors

Konvolousyon : Antipilasyon

Convolution Accumulation

Koyefisyan Fourier

Fourier Coefficients

Koyefisyan Fourier : Konplèks avèk tout Son

Fourier Coefficients Complex with Sound

Metòd Euler

Euler’s Method

Polinòm Taylor

Taylor Polynomials

Pòtrè faz Lineyè: Anre Klikè

Linear Phase Portraits: Cursor Entry

Regresyon Lineyè

Linear Regression

Sibl Solisyon Yo

Solution Targets

Sikwi Seri RLC

Series RLC Circuit

Sòm Riemann

Riemann Sums

Sou Kreyasyon Derive

Creating the Derivative

Trajektwa Balistik

Ballistic Trajectory

Vekte Matris

Matrix Vector

graphing rational funtions

Graf Fonksyon Rasyonel

Rational Functions


MIT Mathlets were initially developed under a generous grant from the d’Arbeloff Fund for Excellence in Education. Subsequent support came from the MIT Office of Digital Learning. Mathlets in Kreyòl are made possible by the same NSF grant that funds this MIT-Haiti Initiative.

This post is also available in: Haitian Kreyòl