GeoGebra in Kreyòl

Algebra and Geometry.
GeoGebra facilitates the creation of mathematical constructions and models by students, for learning and teaching at all levels of education. It allows interactive explorations by dragging objects and changing parameters, joining interactive 2D and 3D geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, calculus, and statistics. GeoGebra is also an authoring tool for teachers to create interactive worksheets, and it is Open Source software, freely available from

Mathlets in Kreyòl

Enhance selected university level STEM classes.
Here you will find a suite of dynamic Javascript “Mathlets” in Kreyòl, for use in learning about differential equations and other mathematical subjects, along with examples of how to use them in homework, group work, or lecture demonstration, and some of the underlying theory. There are also voice-over animated demos.

PhETs in Kreyòl

Science and mathematics simulations.
PhETs are interactive research-based science and mathematics simulations. They are tested and evaluated for educational effectiveness, which includes student interviews and observation of simulation use in classrooms. PhETs are written in Java, Flash, or HTML5, and can be run online or downloaded to your computer. All simulations are open source, and they are free to all students and teachers.

Star in Kreyòl

Research concepts in genetics and biochemistry.
Star tools allow teachers to quickly demonstrate and apply research methods in the classroom setting. Students are able to study proteins and experiment with genetic variations without advanced equipment and facilities. STAR tools enhance the exploration of core research concepts in genetics and biochemistry.