We are grateful for support from these organizations.

Organizational support allows us to impact curriculum, change outdated habits of pedagogy and ensure the long-term impact of our work at all grade levels.

  • Campus Henry Christophe, State University of Haiti, Limonade (CHCL) which is creating a teaching/learning center to serve academic institutions in the Northern Corridor of Haiti. MIT-Haiti is offering workshops and consultancy at CHCL, and CHCL is offering space, “boots on the ground” collaborators and expertise toward the implementation of these workshops.
  • Lekòl Kominotè Matènwa (LKM) in La Gonâve which is developing high-school programs rooted in Kreyòl-based interactive pedagogy. LKM, has already become a model and a training center for K-8 teachers nationwide.
  • Ministry of National Education & Professional Development (MENFP) where DeGraff is part of the National Commission for Curricular Reform.
  • Corporate partners such as Digicel and Sûrtab which are interested in incorporating Kreyòl-based materials in education projects.
  • MIT whose global commitment to hands-on learning is a perfect fit for the MIT-Haiti  Initiative’s efforts to replace Haiti’s “tried and true method of rote memorization” with “hands-on, science-based, problem-focused… constructivist” pedagogy. In Haiti such pedagogy benefits from the use of the one language that all Haitians speak most fluently, namely Kreyòl, coupled with a variety of resources (digital & non-digital) for active learning, as in the MIT-Haiti Initiative.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) which has supported our efforts in Haiti since 2010.


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