Limonade University, August 24-26, 2015

Michel DeGraff, Professor, MIT Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Pedagogy and Evaluation:

  • Glenda Stump, Assistant Research Professor, Learning Sciences Institute, Arizona State University


  • Lourdes Aleman, Program Coordinator for Curriculum Innovation, MIT Department of Biology & ODL
  • Alison Brauneis, Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Department of Biology
  • Ruthly Francois, Postdoctoral Student, John Hopkins University


  • Haynes Miller, Professor, MIT Department of Mathematics
  • Jeremy Orloff, ESG & Concourse Lecturer, MIT Experimental Study Group


  • Paul Belony, Physicist and President at Belony Scientific


  • Kirky DeLong, Assistant Director for Technology & Special Projects, MIT CECI & ODL