Nguyen Dang Trien

Nguyen Dang Trien

Nguyen Dang Trien is NATCOM’s newly appointed President and CEO. He has an Engineering degree in Electronic Telecommunication from the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In the last three years, Mr. Trien conducted VIETTEL’s operations in Cambodia. He helped build a new telephone company there from scratch, and after 2 years of operations the company became #1 out of 7 mobile companies in Vietnam.

As the President and CEO of NATCOM, a new company created after the privatization of Telecommunications d’Haiti S.A. (TELECO), Mr. Trien has set a number of objectives and among them, the completion in one year of the telecom infrastructures to fully launch NATCOM’s services throughout the country which will foster the social and economic development of Haiti.

Soon, Mr. Trien plans to start a 15 year program that will provide free broadband internet access to 460 health centers, 340 public administration offices and around 1400 Public Schools and Universities throughout the country. The value of this program is estimated at around $19 million USD.

Photo courtesy Nguyen Dang Trien