MIT-Haiti Initiative
Workshop of August 12-14, 2013
Post-workshop Assignment
To receive your certificate of completion from the August workshop, you must submit the following:

  1. Lesson plan:
    a. Student learning outcomes/objectives
    b. Content to be taught
    c. Learning Activities (e.g., Computer simulation, Lecture, Group work, etc.)
    d. Resources (e.g., Software, Handouts, etc.)
    e. Assessment (e.g., Exam question, Quiz, Presentation, etc.)

**This was completed and submitted during the August workshop. If you added information to your lesson plan after the workshop, please send us your new lesson plan.

  1. Class description:
    a. Date of instruction
    b. Topic that was taught
    c. Length of session (class)
  1. A description of how the activity was presented, answering the following questions:
    a. How many students participated in the activity?
    b. Did students complete the activityas part of your class, as homework, as a special extra for a few students, or as something else?
  1. Assessment:
    a. Type of formative assessment that you used
    b. Type of summative assessment that you used
    c. Results from assessments
  1. A description of your students’ response to the activity, answering the following questions:
    a. Did students have questions about the activity while they were doing it?
    b. Did students say that they liked or did not like the activity?
    c. Did students have any comments about the activity?

If you agree to be registered active learning activities for your project on video, this will allow us to give you more feedback on the project and we can use these videos to document the impact of the project (for public together and organizations that funded the project can see the results). We have professional cameraman who offers help to reach our registered active learning activities you will do for your project. If you need help for your filming activities, please write to this email address: In the message, set the location, date and time (of which the time) you will have classes that we will be filming this.

Submit your assignment via email to by November 15, 2013.

With your permission, your lesson plan and comments will be shared with your peers in Haiti through our website, so that all can learn from your experience. When you send your lesson plan, please let us know if we can share your work with your peers, and if you videotaped your presentation. We will arrange to have the video recording file transported to us at MIT.

Thank you!