Anton Lévy describes four potential projects:

  • With the advantage of having, not only a university with three campuses across Haiti, but also a university with associated primary and secondary schools, we would like to see our professors and our students in the school of education receive training on ICTs and OERs that can assist them in efficiently teaching the young people in Haiti. This training would allow our professors and graduating educators to provide education, aided by technology, to the large population of illiterate youth across the country.
  • With proper training, we would like to see university professors and students fully incorporate distance learning on all three of our campuses. This would entail the building of  appropriate computer facilities in all three locations.
  • We would like to see our computer science and communication students be able to build large networks of computer programmers and telemarketers that other countries can outsource to, following the great success of similar projects in India.
  • We would like to see a networking of Haitian students through a website.  This website would allow Haitian students to communicate across several schools. This network/website would also become a key resource for companies looking to hire new graduates.