Most of these resources are in Kreyòl.
Prèske tout dokiman yo an Kreyòl.

STAR BioChem Workshop

  • Macromolecules Exercise: PDF, DOC
  • Hemoglobin Sickle Cell Exercise: PDF, DOC
  • DNA Glycosylase Exercise Levels 1-2: PDF, DOC

STAR Genetics Workshop

  • Fruit Fly Exercise 1, Level 2: PDF, DOC
  • Fruit Fly Exercise 8: PDF, DOC
  • Guided Activity: PDF, DOC
  • Building Star Genetics Exercise Peas: PDF, DOC
  • Peas Workbook: XLS (English Only)

TEAL Workshop

Background and Open Education

  • Vijay Kumar Workshop Background: PDF, PPTX (English Only)
  • Cecilia D’Oliveira MIT OpenCourseWare Overview: PDF, PPT (English Only)
  • Cecilia D’Oliveira MIT OpenCourseWare Site Tour: PDF, DOC (English Only)
  • Brandon Muramatsu From OpenCourseWare to Open Education: PDF, PPTX (English Only)