Anton Lévy Describes Potential Projects

Anton Lévy describes four potential projects: With the advantage of having, not only a university with three campuses across Haiti, but also a university with associated primary and secondary schools, we would like to see our professors and our students in the school of education receive training on ICTs and OERs that can assist them [...]

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Janin Jadotte describes potential collaborations and strategic goals

Janin Jadotte of the Faculté des Sciences of the Université d’État d’Haïti describes areas of potential collaborations between MIT faculty and Haiti's Faculté des Sciences: Developing an expertise in the area of distance learning. Putting in place with MIT and others universities specialized training and reseach programs in different STEM areas—for example, in chemistry, mechanics [...]

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Patrick Attié and Marlene Sam describe potential collaborations

Patrick and Marlene were asked "What projects would you like to undertake to help sustain or help initiate and develop through your participation in the symposium and through subsequent partnerships between MIT and Haitian academic institutions?" Here's their answer: We would like to: Develop new programs linked to local problems such as: Information [...]

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Discovering the treasures of Haiti’s Kreyòl language

Jean-Marie Théodat describes a potential collaborative project: "I believe it’s time that the network of cultural centers that is administered in Haiti by AUF (University Agency of “La Francophonie”) and OIF (International Organization of “La Francophonie”) make space for documents and other materials in Kreyòl. Such use of Kreyòl is mandated by the country’s constitution. [...]

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