Janin Jadotte of the Faculté des Sciences of the Université d’État d’Haïti describes areas of potential collaborations between MIT faculty and Haiti’s Faculté des Sciences:

  • Developing an expertise in the area of distance learning.
  • Putting in place with MIT and others universities specialized training and reseach programs in different STEM areas—for example, in chemistry, mechanics of soils, computer science and statistics.
  • Developing platforms for blended learning with a mix of traditional on-site methods and e-learning applications, including distance learning.
  • Put in place a specialized laboratory for the certification of communications equipments coming to Haiti.

And he identifies five strategic objectives for the next ten to twenty years:

  1. Improve the quality of teaching.
  2. Increase and diversity teaching areas.
  3. Improve the working conditions of university professors at Haiti’s State University.
  4. Decentralize the State University.
  5. Develop the State University’s research programs and the University’s services to the community.