FOKAL’s library program aims at assisting partner community libraries all over Haiti with funding and training in order to make them as effective as possible for their respective communities. The training for those libraries aims at strengthening and improving the skills of the libraries’ clerks, technicians and directors. Since 2003, a training program was set by FOKAL. This training required that the participants come to FOKAL’s headquarter in Port-au-Prince to attend class. That raised problems of distance and availability for the students. Since 2008, in order to address these problems, the library program has put in place an LMS (Learning Management System) in order to offer a distance-learning program to the libraries. The LMS (Moodle 1.9 last stable version) is already online. We are working right now on the contents. We plan to start next year.

We are very interested in supporting projects related to the following axes:
a) distance-learning trainings and programs;
b) technical assistance and trainings in university administration;
c) labs: mostly for science, computers and languages (they could be in temporary shelters)
d) exchange programs between MIT and Haitian universities