Please help the MIT-Haiti Initiative make this video go viral for the greater good in Haiti. We need more than 8,000 to move up from 2nd position among more than 100 contestants. Contest ends this Friday, May 15, at 11:59PM. Please hurry and click on “Public Choice” for instructions on how to vote and get all your friends, friends’ friends, etc., to vote too. Repeated voting and sharing is allowed. Go to this site and look for “Public Choice”: The more “Shares,” the more votes! Plus we’re bringing unprecedented awareness to an education and human-rights issue that has hurt too many generations in Haiti, and more injustice is in store as dark selfish forces are planning to strengthen a system of education where some 95% of students are taught in a language that they do not speak, and where teachers teach with outdated note-taking and rote-memorization methods. Kreyòl + technology + active learning are necessary for excellence and creativity in STEM and other disciplines such as second languages, including French. Let’s make Haiti the Finland of the Caribbean.