Apèl pou kontribitè

Ale sou sit nou http://MIT-Ayiti.NET pou vizite platfòm lan (30 septanm). Platfòm MIT-Ayiti pou yon lekòl tèt an wo Envitasyon pou n devlope epi pataje materyèl an kreyòl pou n kreye yon bèl bibliyotèk nimerik pou lekòl ann Ayiti (16 jen) Motivasyon pou yon mouvman sitwayen — kreyasyon ak pataj materyèl pou yon lekòl tèt an wo : Inisyativ [...]

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Echantiyon Leson

Men kèk bèl echantiyon pou n lanse bibliyotèk nimerik pou lekòl tèt an wo. Men ki jan Paul Belony prezante yo: Pou bati yon kay, w ap bezwen yon plan konplè ki pou detaye chak ti pyès nan sa ou bezwen reyalize a. Nan pwogram MIT-Ayiti a, nou mete aksan sou enpòtans plan leson nan [...]

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March 2017: MIT-Haiti Symposium

Prof. Michel Degraff speaks with Carel Pedre at Chokarella on the last MIT-Haiti Symposium, which took place March 27-28, 2017 at the Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince.

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The MIT-Haiti Initiative: An International Engagement

By: Haynes Miller I had the following dream the other night. I was getting my 10-year-old daughter ready for school. School was important: an education was the only pathway to a better future for her. She showed me her homework from the night before. I thought it was well done, though I couldn’t understand most [...]

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Register for the June 2016 Workshop

MIT-Haiti Workshops on Technology-Enhanced and Open Education Université d’État d’Haïti, Campus Henry Christophe Limonade Monday–Thursday, June 13–16, 2016 MIT-Haiti/CHCL Workshop on Technology-Enhanced and Open Education Université d’État d’Haïti, Campus Henry Christophe de Limonade (CHCL) Monday–Thursday, June 13–16, 2016 Organizers: Audalbert BIEN-AIMÉ (Université d’État d’Haïti, Campus Henry Christophe) Michel DeGRAFF (MIT-Haiti Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [...]

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August 2015 Workshop Announcement

MIT Workshops on Technology-Enhanced and Open Education Campus Henry Christophe Lemonade, State University of Haiti Monday - Wednesday, 24-26 August 2015 Organizers: Audalbert BIEN-AIMÉ (CHCL, UEH) Michel DeGraff & Vijay Kumar (MIT) The MIT-Haiti Initiative cordially invites you to participate in the next Technology-Enhanced and Open Education workshop, to be held on August 24-26, 2015 [...]

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Michel DeGraff on Haiti’s new policy for teaching in Kreyòl

MIT scholar, and advocate of native-language instruction, backs linguistic change. by Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office July 20, 2015 This month, Haiti’s government announced a new policy to educate students in Kreyòl, the native language of most Haitians, rather than French, the language traditionally used in schools. Introducing Kreyòl-language instruction has been a cause [...]

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First Ever Kreyòl Alphabet Songs and Videos

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla., June 22, 2015 | PRNewswire The first ever Kreyòl (Haitian Creole) alphabet songs as educational videos have been created and made available online, it was announced today. The groundbreaking project is the result of collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Linguistics Professor Michel DeGraff and recognized Kreyòl advocate Mandaly Louis-Charles. The [...]

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Today, Friday, May 15: Last call for votes in NSF Video Showcase

Please help the MIT-Haiti Initiative make this video go viral for the greater good in Haiti. We need more than 8,000 to move up from 2nd position among more than 100 contestants. Contest ends this Friday, May 15, at 11:59PM. Please hurry and click on "Public Choice" for instructions on how to vote and get [...]

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Laurent Lamothe at MIT Sloan on MIT-Haiti Initiative

(Video is in English) Laurent Lamothe (Former Prime Minister of Haiti, 2012-2014) at MIT Sloan on April 13, 2015, giving "Dean's Innovative Leaders Series" lecture. This excerpt is from the question-&-answer period during which Laurent Lamothe discussed how the MIT-Haiti Initiative is opening up access to quality education in Haiti---thus, dismantling Haiti's centuries-old linguistic apartheid. [...]

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