An MIT–Haiti Initiative Toward Active Learning for All

MIT Professor of Linguistics Michel DeGraff and Dr. M.S. Vijay Kumar of the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology presented on the MIT-Haiti Initiative at the Globally Engaged MIT Symposium on September 20, 2012. The symposium focused on how "MIT’s history of changing the world through community and global engagement has led to new collaborations, [...]

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BLOSSOMS Video with Kreyòl

BLOSSOMS module “Can Earthquakes be Predicted” by Zach Adam of Teachers Without Borders, translated by Yvon Lamour (Cambridge Public School District) and Michel DeGraff (MIT), and with Kreyòl voiceover by Yvon Lamour. MIT Tech TV

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Charles Vest: Open Education for an Open World

“I believe the role of the university is to create opportunity, pure and simple. We create opportunity for young people, for cities, and nations ... And people everywhere need opportunity. ” Charles M. Vest

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Professeur Jean-Marie Théodat talks about a Vision and Goals for Reconstruction of Haiti

Professeur Jean-Marie Théodat talks about a vision and goals for reconstruction of Haiti. Videographer: Prof. Michel DeGraff

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